I'm happy to report that we're busier than we've been in at least a year!


With 15 sales currently pending this month in Gold Beach, things are definitely looking up. Especially when you consider that, as of last month, there were only 49 total closed sales in Gold Beach for the entire year.*


The not-so-surprising news is that sale prices are still down. According to the Curry County RMLS, the average sale price for homes in Gold Beach has dropped 17.8% compared to last year. The average home sale price was reported as $246,200, while the median sale price came in at $201,500.


The data also shows that it’s taking a bit longer for properties to sell these days. The properties that have closed in the past few months were on the market an average of approximately 250 days (8 months).


Properties that are priced competitively are selling faster than those that aren’t. Pricing is key in this economy!


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Thanks for reading,  

Lynn Wegner

Principal Broker

Pacific Coastal Real Estate

*Statistics courtesy of RMLS.