What's the easiest and/or least expensive way to fly to Gold Beach? 
We just got some very good news: PenAir now flies into Crescent City (about a one hour drive from Gold Beach)!  They have teamed up with Alaska Airlines to coordinate scheduling so in many cases it's a one day trip from Crescent City to Portland to wherever Alaska flies (well, within reason)!  For example, I just checked and there is a flight that leaves Crescent City at 7:30am and arrives PDX at 8:50am to meet connecting flights. A flight to LAX departs at 9:40am and arrives at 12:05pm, so your total commute time (if there aren't delays) is 4 hours and 35 minutes CEC to LAX. Not bad! Also, Allegiant Air flies to Medford & Eugene I believe from Mesa, Las Vegas, LAX and from some other airports. The flights are very inexpensive ($100ish one way) but only operate 2x per week (and sometimes not at all depending on the season/demand), so you don't want to miss your flight!  North Bend, OR has just remodeled their airport to accomadate golfers flying in to golf at Bandon Dunes. North Bend is 80 miles north of us and United Express flies in there as well as a smaller commuter airline coming from Portland. Eugene, Medford, Portland and Arcata all have large airlines servicing them. They're a little farther to drive to, but usually less costly.